It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

As I sit here reminiscing, of the life that we once shared, The memories come flooding back, and I remember how you cared.
I sit here contemplating, of our moments etched in time,
Of the love we felt together, so special and sublime.

Though I sit here sad and grieving, and a tear rolls down my cheek,
I can’t help myself from thinking, how I’ll face another week.
Whilst the pain I feel is crushing, they say that it will end,
Guess I’ll always have the memories, to get me ‘round each bend.

Your time on earth has ended, with the curtain to be drawn,
I’ll sit and reminisce a while, 'till the breaking of the dawn.
Now birds outside are chirping, and sunshine fills the sky,
I know I’ll miss you dearly, it’s just hard to say goodbye

Brian Venten 2011

What about Funerals....

When we loose a loved one no matter what the circumstance, it is always a difficult period of our lives. It is a time of incredible emotional stress. The sense of loss together with the accompanying period of grief and emotional upheaval is something everyone finds tough.

Whilst we try and negotiate the mixed emotions and the accompanying uncertainty this circumstance brings, it also affords us the opportunity to contemplate and celebrate the many wonderful, rich and rewarding memories that our deceased loved one leaves behind. A funeral ceremony is a time where we can face this intense moment of grief so that we can live tomorrow in hope.

As a Civil Celebrant my task is to help you plan a funeral ceremony that will primarily focus on and pay tribute to the life of the deceased family member and begin the journey of healing for your individual and collective grief. This chapter of your lives, difficult though it may be, is also an opportunity for your love, devotion and commitment as a family to be strengthened.

Whilst there is no specific formal code of practice pertaining to funeral celebrants I align my funeral celebrant services to the Code of Practice of Australian Funeral Directors Association, and the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants,


Take a 'sneak peak' of the on-line Funeral Resource that is available for everyone who uses my services for a funeral. Or go here and make an enquiry about my availability for a funeral.