Rob and Haley along with friends travelled from the UK and were married at Coral Sea Resort on a November day at Airlie Beach. The weather was getting pretty steamy by this time but as you can see the day was beautiful.

Photogrphy by Robert Kellett

Click here to read Rob and Haley's feedback email they sent through after the wedding.

What about weddings...

I was talking to a friend recently who made the somewhat casual comment.. ’I never imagined how being married would make such a difference in my life.’ Now I know everyone’s experience of life is different and what is true for one person may not necessarily be true for another. However, the comment my friend made is very much a statement of reality for many couple’s who choose to unite their lives together in marriage.

Marriage is very much  a ’journey into newness’. In fact I often suggest to couple’s presenting for marriage, that there is probably no other single event in a couple’s life that will impact them more poignantly than their decision to join their lives together in matrimony. As a celebrant I recognise that this time in a couple’s life is a significant milestone moment. 

In my view, my role as a Civil Marriage Celebrant is more than just facilitating the legal requirements for your marriage, important though those formalities may be… being your celebrant is far more than that. It is having an appreciation for your journey in life together, the magic of your story, the joy of your moment  and how your shadows have come to cross and settle with each other.  It is having a sense of what is important to you in terms of your values and your ideals and creating a ceremony that reflects the emotion of this shared time in your life.

Whether your ceremony is a large and lavish affair or  a small and intimate occasion at a secluded venue with just a few friends in attendance,  the moment is charged with the same intensity.

If you are wanting a celebrant to engage with you and speak into this profound moment in your lives, then feel free to give me a call.


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